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I have never been so pissed in my life. After waiting for the delivery of a sofa and chair for some time,today was the big day.

Before the delivery man came he called me and said he has delivered to this building before and this furniture will not fit in the elevator.He just had this revelation 2 minutes before he got here. Anyway,maybe if rooms to go would hire actual moving people there would not have been a problem.

They didn't have a clue as to how to put this in the elevator. Now i'm sure you are asking yourself what makes me such an authority,well my father was a mover all his life and taught us a lot.

I just ordered the same couch from City Furniture and it will be delivered tonight. They also said that if there would be a problem is all they have to do is take the back off the sofa as it is a double recliner. Hmmmm,why wasn't that done. They also said they would go up the stairs if need be.These 2 wouldn't even consider that.

You just lost a 1,600.00 sale and if anyone ever wants to know where to go to buy furniture i'm pretty sure I will tell them where not to go.

I will forward you pictures of this couch on the elevator and in my home when I get it later. Marjorie Strickland

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You posted a complaint against city furniture instead of rooms to go. Though, you state city furniture was actually able to deliver.

Wrong company. ,)

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